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Brian Spencer [Visitor]
Hey! Looks like you are having a great time....thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the next installments and the continuing adventure.
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Lee Turner [Visitor] ·
Great news about the band. Well done
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Lee Turner [Visitor] ·
Very apt song given you are playing in college :)
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jamie [Visitor]
hi there danny, just stumbled on your website after searching for info on bimm, have an audition in brighton this saturday coming, eek, just wanted to say thank you for doing this blog, although your obviously on a different instrument it has given me a good insight into daily life at bimm. all the best, and wish me luck ha ha ..
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Gourmet Food [Visitor] ·
thanks for that
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Lee Turner [Visitor] ·
Wow, looking good !! Been busy over Xmas :-) Really good quality recording as well.

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Danny [Member]
Anthony thanks for the comments, glad you like what I am doing.
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Anthony [Visitor] ·
I have followed all things that you said. Thanks.
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Steve [Visitor]
i'm with you on that Danny. the studying and essays really knocked it out of me aswell...glad i have a few weeks of rest but at the same time still want to be playing somehow (: have fun in canada and send Dave my kind regards. See you when you get back in January!
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Lee Turner [Visitor] ·
You are really looking relaxed on the drums now. I especially liked the music on this vid as well as it gives context to your drums.

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Juliet and Lee [Visitor]
Just watched the audition - it's great to see you playing in a band - it sounded pretty good to us!

Looking forward to more vids soon :-)

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Lee Turner [Visitor] ·
Well done, certainly a milestone on your journey !

L, J & O
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Jason King [Visitor]
Nice Bro!!!!

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Danny [Member]
Hey am in 22 b as well, so we r going to met on monday!

I do not know anyone either, have no ideas of how to get in a band and learn five songs in eight weeks,  but will have fun trying as I want 2 play at the end of term gigs.
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Big Steve [Visitor]
you not goin to the gigs on Wednesday n Friday big man? think i saw ye but not a clue...but no doubt we shall be in a few classes atleast together. HOW THE HELL are we meant to form a band, create songs, and audition in 8 weeks? I know...nobody at the school, and there's no way i'm the only one who is like this. There was a guy from Cyprus in my enrollment group, so what exactly are they arranging for everyone to mingle? I myself find it quite hard to randomly walk up to complete strangers to become friends with them, and hopefully the classes aren't so slow paced that we have time to chat amongst each other!
I think i'm in timetable group - 22B. What about yourself? I did quite enjoy meeting the tutor on Friday though, seems like a pretty dead on guy
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Big Steve [Visitor]
well my friend...i shall see you there lol. This thursday at...2? i can't remember, but i am doing the exact same course as yourself. fair enough i am somewhat younger (20) but i'm sure we will bump into one another at some point. See ye in 3 days!
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Dave [Visitor]
I think the iPhone is only essential if the drum student doesn't have more than one mac
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Jeff Krebs [Visitor]
I'm about to go the the Gorge. I'm very curious what you used for your video transitions that looked like frames of a comic book.
please email me and let me know

Glad you had fun
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@toddlucier [Visitor] ·
Congratulations on attaining your flatwater canoeing certification.
Since Canada has so much water, it should be akin to citizenship.

... and Algonquin Park.
Glad you could stop by our backyard and paddle around a bit.
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Danny [Member]
Thanks mate, I'll let you know when when I get in a band, so you can see me play live. ;)
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