Birthday in British Columbia

August 10th, 2011

Last weekend was my 45th Birthday and we went camping |-| in British Columbia, last year we went camping on my birthday also... a pattern is emerging |-||-|

Danny & Dave Hiking in Kootneay mountains BC

We camped at Radium Hot Springs which, like the name suggests, has a hot springs and is in the rocky mountains. We did have nice weather which always helps. And we found some really interesting places. We went to a beautiful beach on Windermere lake, it was really nice to sit, relax, and watch the world go by...

Swim in lake Windermere‎ British Columbia‎

We also went to discover what Phil and others thought were urban mythical 'natural' hot springs in the mountains - i.e. ones that are not commercial just out in the wild. It turns out they are not myth, we found them even though the roads were a bit precarious.

Natural hot springs

The water was hot and the river was cold. A women told me it was as close to freezing as you and get for running water.

Very cold,

The weekend was really nice and it was so relaxing and beautiful in the mountains :D:D

Working on 16th Note Grooves

August 2nd, 2011

August is the month I am taking a look at 16th note grooves... going back to basics with Tommy Igoe groove essentials and trying to learn a couple of songs which use them. I really want to try a couple of Duran Duran tracks and some Stevie Nicks. I plan to look at these grooves everyday this month and see how I get on. I find that currently my high hat notes are not even, and the faster I go my back beat gets sloppier.

Here are some good lessons for some basic 16th note grooves that I have found...

and here...

Here is a great tutorial for adding drum parts in MuseScore, which I use to do my drum scores.

Summer is here...

July 31st, 2011

So the summer is here B) we're having great weather in Calgary and we've been out and about.

Elbow Falls Hike

We went hiking at Elbow Falls... the last time we did this was in the winter a couple of years back and the difference in scenery is amazing. Check it out on the pics below... although even in the summer the water is still COLD!

The beautiful Elbow Falls

Here's what it looks like in the winter...

Elbow Falls

We also went down the river again in our dingy and I've been cycling around town and the path ways along the Bow River.

We had a fabulous night for our 4th wedding anniversary in the sun on the patio at the River Cafe on Princess Island.B)

Danny River Cafe our 4th anniversary (the champagne was great)

Dave River Cafe our 4th anniversary

On the drumming front I've been practicing everyday. I've been learning new songs - like Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones, and Take It Easy by The Eagles. The good thing is I am doing over 2 hrs a day of good practice. So in July my breakdown has been as follows

Stampede and Rafting

July 19th, 2011

It's been a busy week, last week end we went to the Calgary Stampede, which was great, although we did not go to the Rodeo this time. We had great fun walking around and seeing the place, the weather was great :D Here are a couple of pics...

Dave framed

Tepee at Stampede

Last weekend we went rafting and camping. It was awesome and so much fun B) Unfortunately I forgot to take the new camera, but it was great floating down a river with friends. It was also great to be close to the city but with a sense that you were miles from anywhere. We then went on to camp in Kananaskis which was just beautiful, I do love the mountains :D Here some pics...

View from our camp site

We have also moved into a new apartment in Calgary, here's the sun setting from our balcony on the first night:)

New balcony view

On the drumming front, I have finally got a set a drums here in Calgary, so am looking out for a band and jamming. I'm really pleased with my progress lately. Being able to explore things that I did a year ago has just shown me how much I have improved.

Practicing with Kate and Will

July 10th, 2011

Well I have been here in Calgary for a week... with Kate and Wills as they kicked off the Calgary Stampede. I've been practicing and revisiting songs I've learned before, like Sex on Fire by the Kings of Leon. This has been really positive as I've found that a song that I could not play a year ago is getting easier to play today. By employing the use of slow down apps (like Robick) and some really focused practice on the bridge part of the track, I've made real progress and that's really good.

I went to a Master Class by Jimmy Degrasso at Axe Music store which was fun. It was very similar to the master classes at BIMM. He focused on double peddle groves which are not my thing, but hey, he was still good.

I've not found any people to jam with yet. I think I will need to get a kit over here as there is a lack of practice studios were people go to practice, most seem to practice in there basement or garages.

I've also been doing a lot of practice on my pad over the last week which is really interesting. I'm really focusing on my rebound stoke and stick control... more on this in a couple of weeks.