Nothing but Time

July 7th, 2012

Have spent a few weeks in the uk visiting family and friends, which has been really nice and its now time to get back to Calgary for the summer and sun :D

Heres me drumming along to Grease title track just before I left for the uk, I have had some really great feedback from friends on this and am really please that my drumming coming on, I think having a basement to practice in has really helped me move forward and play more musically.

I have booked myself on to a couple of summer courses at the Mount Royal Conservatory in Calgary in August, Jazz and Drumset camps, which I am really looking forward to these and a few floats down the Elbow this summer. Check out the links below for further info:

I'm a Professional

June 10th, 2012

I have given my first lesson and earned money from doing something that I love:)

I was surprised when someone asked me to give them a lesson but I said "sure, not a problem, why dont we have a free lesson see how it goes and we can take it from there". Well we are three weeks in and 3 lessons down.

I surprised myself by ensuring that I did a lesson plan, writing little reminders for things to look for etc.

I also enjoyed the experience and earned money. And from Daves perspective that makes me a professional... I don't feel like one yet!

I must admit though, over the last couple of months I have feel that I have really come on in leaps and bounds since my last lesson with Pat Garvey back in the UK. Focusing on having fun and learning to be musician has also helped. Being able to go down into the basement and play to anything I want, releasing myself from learning the groves, and focussing on the song instead, coming up with my own groves and fills and getting them in the right places, and feeling where a change is needed, has been eye opening for me.

I have also started using Tommy Igoe Great Hands for a life time and I must say its well worth it in my option. I the like the simplicity he brings to hands, stokes, practice. I am about 1/3 of the way through, my grip is so much better since focusing on some of the exercises he shows and I have started really looking at my double stroke... towels and pillows are the way for me over the next six months... :D


May 4th, 2012

We have finally found our home :D

Its taken a while to find, but we have finally found a new home here in calgary. The house is in the Cliff Bungalow area of Calgary. More stuff about the area can be found here...

We have managed to get another 3-storey town house, all nice and open plan and with plenty of spare beds for people to come and stay. It might take us a while to get everything sorted, like beds and blinds. The house deserves the best:roll:

Here are a few pics of the house, also we have a pair of birds nesting in the tree at the front :D





Some to be office bedroom

Front bedroom

View from our bathroom

A dream doesn't become reality through magic...

April 20th, 2012 takes sweat, determination, and hard work. You can be and do anything you want if you are prepared to work hard.

It s been a while since I got behind a kit, as I have been waiting to buy a new electronic kit. I've gone for the Yamaha DTX950K, which I am really pleased with, and I'll write a full review in a couple weeks once I have got to grips with it.

Spending time away from the kit and practicing only with a pad has been a really useful experience. Firstly, I never really got the practice pad thing, but I do now :idea: At times it can be very relaxing working on the pad, especially working on repetitive hand exercises. Really concentrating on the stroke and the drum stick movements.

Secondly, I've also found how sticking pattens unlock a number of advantages when you come to apply them on a kit. Being without a kit for over two months I've had to use my imagination when working on grooves and only having a pad has made me understand how sticking pattens help with playing the drums. It sounds stupid but the better hand I get the better at playing I get.

Which brings be back to hard work... I had a jam with a few guys the other day, really good musicians, and I wish them lots of luck. For me, I was able to learn a song only on the pad.

My goal to practice 3 hours a day this year is really good, adding a good hour or so on the pad is going to help me a seems the better I get at playing the drums the more time I spend practicing and listening.

I've been playing along to the sound track of Grease the movie... OMG, I can hear the different time signatures and the different groves and things that I would never have heard before. It's really interesting and fun, but I still have trouble getting fills and things.

So things going well all in all, and soon I will have a great place to practice in:D:D

Location, Location, Location

March 19th, 2012

Over the last couple of weeks we have been house hunting in Calgary. We have managed to secure a rental apartment in the Lower Mount Royal area, which is cool, although we had to sign a six month lease as it is difficult to get a month on month lease apartment here 88|

We have seen a lot of houses :crazy: which has helped us identify the areas which we would prefer to live in. We did find this really nice house in an area called Cliff Bungalow and another super modern house is the same area. Here's hoping we can find our way through the purchasing process!

We have been staying at our friends Brett's while we got the new rental sorted out - which is very nice of him. Thanks Brett.

We have now moved into our rental apartment, just awaiting our funiture and things from toronto, which should arrive next week :D:D

I also saw Orion's belt in the sky, from our window which was cool.