My Best music of 2013

December 27th, 2013

I have listened to some great music this year and I would just like to let you know what music I liked. Some were new albums and a few were old, so here goes...

My favourite album and possibly the best one this year is Big TV by White Lies...there are some really great grooves and melodies on this album. This is the album that just seemed right for me this year...

Miracle Mile by STRFKR is a great album and my first by them. I heard it playing in a shop and really liked what was going on with the drums, simple and clean throughout and a very danceable it!!!! My track of the year also comes from this album...Atlantis.

Daft Punk RAM...well a great deal has already been said about this album so just a note that Contact is my best track

Exile by Hurts - this was a darker album than their first which I really liked and their christmas offering last year was just great. This album is darker and more melancholy than their last album Happiness (a good second album).

Cabaret by Moon Taxi was slow to work on me but it has a really laid back style and the Square Circles track just so cool and love the lyrics.

Serena Ryder's Harmony was just a great album to start the year, the album has catchy melodies and simply crafted songs all the way through, I managed to see her play live at the Stampede this years. Stompa being a typical example...

Empire of the Sun's Ice on the Dune is a great follow up to Walking on a Dream. Dune really works as an album not just a bunch of songs but one song flows nicely into the next, like a dj mix, this album is great for the gym and bike rides in the summer :)

Muse - 2nd Law really got to me this year. It came out late in 2012 and took its time to work on me but Follow Me and Madness are great tracks.... Follow Me uses the heartbeat of baby... I tried this in a song once. I regret not going to see them live when they came to Calgary earlier in the year.

Coming late in the year and really not deserving of the lack of mainstream media hype was Boy George's This is What I Do. I cannot even buy this album/CD in Canada, :roll: I really liked this album it harks back to the simple pop, but its infused with soul, funk and reggae beats, theres nothing new or edgey, but nothing wrong with that and the lyrics are mindful for a man going into his is a good review.

The Summer 2013.

October 20th, 2013

Well summer has come and have to start with the flood...and we where right in the middle of it, we where lucky and suffered no damage, but 7 days with out electricity, cold showers put a different perspective on things..

Here's us by the over flowing river which is a few blocks from us, at the time we did not really understand how bad things TV.



We then had a few weeks with Dave's Dad and Joe for Stampede...I forgot how much I love the Stampede show and main street, especially at night.





Dave's mother came over during the summer and we went into the mountains camping and hiking.



The views are spectacular from the mountains of the Lake Louise ski resort were we all got to see a bear, in the wild which was awesome, and lunch on the balcony of the Lake Louise Fairmont an elegant way to finish a camping trip.


these next photos are of us and friends just hangout over summer as well as Keara in the gay pride parade....



Whitewater Kayaking course

July 13th, 2013

The other weekend we did a whitewater kayaking course Aquabatices,

It was fun!!, we started off on the thursday nig iin the pool over at out gym, just learning about the kayaks and getting in and out and how to turn yourself up right in the water, which is easy in the pool!

On Saturday we started at Bowness Park in Calgary,



The waters not that cold but i can tell you its a shock to go under , much nicer in the pool!


We went kayaking down the bow learn how to turn in t the flow of the water, it is very teriing, we were both in bed by nine that night....

The sunday we head in to the mountains to on to a faster running river, with rapids names like widow maker!!!

I can tell you my heart was a pumping when we first put our kayaks in the river, but the whole day was fun and challenging...



The amazing thing is by the end of the day we had kayaked down though the mountains and it was hard but fun and in the most beautiful setting.

Weekend in the Okanagan Valley

May 24th, 2013

We had a long weekend in the Okanagan Valley the other week, to visit a friend have a drive in the truck, just typical the price of gas jump twenty cents the day before the long weekend, lesson learnt. It was a long drive 7 hours. Although the views through the mountains and down in to the Okanagan valley were just amazing, we drove through Revolastoke and it was a beautiful place.

We also took in some wineries in the area which was really fun, but just being in the mountains in spring was really nice and relaxing.
Here are some pics of us and our friend, Keara and baby Fai.

Danny & Dave

Keara & Fai

Danny, Keara, Fai

Also here me drumming to Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way.

Dave's Mums Visits

March 18th, 2013

Dave' Mum visited the other week for a skiing trip and to see the new house.

We headed up to Banff for a few days when she was here, the weather was really nice and spring was in the air. We stayed in Banff and went skiing at Lake Louise, check out the video Dave put together.

I have started a online course studying Music Production at Berklee College of Music. Its a 6 week course that really gets you in to the basics of music production and its been a lot of fun so far.