Social Systems

October 29th, 2015

Here's a track I've done. The idea is that the Social Systems' we join either by choice or force from when we are young, are not always the right for some people. We are told to "fit in" to get along and I understand it makes for a more practical society but I come to the conclusion for me....

What will set me free.

As the streets are full of strangers

Social Systems are killing me.

Social System taking control

Shaping thoughts and dreams.

Visions of kittens are thrilling me Social Systems are killing me.


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Oh I forgot that!

September 2nd, 2015

On our recent holiday to Mykonos we forgot when this was taken.....:crazy: Times really are flying by....

I love my husband for the advantages and the adventures we have together.....

Dave in Super Paradise, Mykonos

Time flies by this up is long overdue Eh?

December 2nd, 2014

So they say time flies by this was our third summer in this house. Another summer and xmas, great ones too.

Over the summer we discover loads of new well two new places to camp in the mountains and it really was amazing, really words just does not to the natural world around here justice .

The view.....

We also discovered that camping away from the mountains in in the Badlands is not such a good idea, the chemicals burned that weekend to keep the mosquitoes way was crazy. Heres a pick that shows what I mean.


Here is JJ and Dave hanging out the window, on a drive, I am not sure who is enjoying this more between the two of them.

It was also great to get to float down the Elbow Rover again after the flood, the weather was great.


Dave and JJ

We had a lovely Holiday in Greece and stayed in some wonderful hotels.
View from our Mykonos hotel


View from our suite

So winter comes here and we go skiing, Dave's Mum came and heres a video of here trips to Sunshine. Also much luck to Judy in here move, Dublin next year then.

Erm don't be surprised when u next see me

July 7th, 2014

So this weekend it happened, what you ask, well this......

not sure what to say other than oh...thats what letters of the alphabet look like :crazy:

Longtime.....first camping trip

June 11th, 2014

Longtime.....its been a long long winter and we are finally getting out and about. Our new room mate Travis, took us last weekend to a campsite in British Columbia near the hot spring we went too a few years back.

Oh and Travis has a dog, JJ his name and he's cute.

Travis, Danny and JJ

The campsite was beautify, well out of the way and no cell signal.

The view.....

We had fun swinging into the lake... naked of course :p

Swinging in a rope into glacier fresh water

The wild life was really coming out to see us this trip we caught a glimpse of a bear cub while on the road and saw theses amazing hummingbirds.

Humming Bird

Our travels also took us to see the Woodcaver in Radium BC.

Woodcarver Radium BC